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Woodlands Tree Service offers the services you require -- for emergencies, risk assessment, tree care and installation, and more. If you are looking for expert tree care from qualified, licensed, and insured professionals, you've come to the right place!

Emergency Tree Removal
Tree Care and Maintenance
Tree Risk Assessment 

Installations  ✦ Pruning    Pesticide Application   Damage Assessment  

Structural Support Installations    Fertilizer Application  


Storm Damage Relief

Woodlands can help with emergency tree removal in a timely manner... or assess your property for risk before a storm.

We support vulnerable trees with cables and other strategies. If a tree poses a threat to your house, we can remove it.


Careful Tree Care

We're dedicated to leaving your land cleaner than we found it. With special machinery, like our spider lift, we maneuver skillfully through each project.

Our Equipment

Spider Lift 

Our 87' spider lift allows us to fit through a three-foot gate, so we can address even the most challenging of sites. With an impressive 48' of side reach, we can operate more efficiently and work with an increased level of safety. 

Portable Saw Mill

With the mill, we can process logs into beautiful boards right on your property. A tree from your yard can become a piece of furniture in your home!

IMG_0138 3.JPG
Mini Track Machine

This powerful machine lifts branches and logs quickly, allowing us to clean your property efficiently and thoroughly.

Tractor, Chipper, & More

We bring our own state-of-the-art equipment to each job. And when a project requires additional support, like a crane, we contact trusted colleagues to collaborate with us.  

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